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NPA theory & schizophrenia:
Benis A.M.  A theory of personality traits leads to a genetic model for borderline types and schizophrenia. Speculations in Science & Technology 1990;13(3):167-75.

NPA theory & dopamine receptor DRD3:
Benis A.M. and  Hobgood D.K.  Dopamine receptor DRD3 codes for trait aggression as Mendelian recessive. (Preprint. Full text.) Medical Hypotheses 2011;77(6):1108-10.


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NPA personality test
Autism: personality traits of parents of autistic children
I-matches: Infertility related to genetic personality traits
Sam Vaknin takes the NPA test
Gestures of aggression and narcissism
Use of NPA theory to predict personality traits in offspring

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NPA personality theory


Benis A.M. Toward Self & Sanity: On the Genetic Origins of the Human Character.  Second edition.  499 pp. (revised 2008)
Originally published by Psychological Dimensions Press, New York, 1985.

Benis A.M.  NPA Theory of Personality. Paperback, 547 pp. (revised 2014)

ebook & paperback editions